Speeding is easily defined as driving a motor vehicle at a rate of speed in excess of that permitted by statute, which can be municipal, provincial or federal. Speeding under provincial traffic legislation is a regulatory offence and should not be considered a crime. Although in certain instances, speeding may indicate something more serious such as negligence or recklessness and therefore may attract more serious charges such as criminal negligence or dangerous driving under the Criminal Code.

Does the officer have to show me the radar/laser reading?
There is no legal requirement for this and in most cases the officer will not, as allowing you to see the speed reading has virtually no bearing on your case.

What if I don't believe I was going that fast?
It's possible the radar was picking up another vehicle. It's also possible that the radar unit was being operated improperly.

Everyone was going over the speed limit. What if I was just pulled out of the crowd?
It may be true but it is irrelevant at this point. Plead not guilty and have an experienced agent from Ottawa Traffic Tickets attend court on your behalf and determine in cross-examination of the officer whether there is a reasonable doubt as to which vehicle caused the radar/laser reading.

What if my ticket(s) are the result of racial profiling?
Sometimes this has every appearance of being true, largely due to stops for trivial traffic laws like seat belt violations, playing the radio too loud, or having a burnt out light bulb. If you believe the officer stopped you based on your race, we recommend making a complaint to the police service and/or city government. If it continues to happen during the investigative process or after the complaint, consider a lawsuit.

If I don't sign my ticket, does that mean it's invalid?
No. Signing for your ticket is merely acceptance of the document and in no way invalidates it or indicates guilt. There is nothing to be gained by not signing.

Will errors on the ticket result in the charges being dropped?
This is referred to in the FAQ section re fatal and non-fatal errors. Basically, the courts will often excuse minor errors. A misspelled name, incorrect address, or difference in opinion on whether your car is aqua or green in colour will not result in a dismissed ticket. Conversely, a major error such as citing the wrong statute, radically misidentifying your vehicle or listing the wrong highway as the site of the violation should provide justification to dismiss the ticket. It would be in your interest to have a former police officer from Ottawa Traffic Tickets attend as they have the expertise to know when and how to raise this very important issue.

If I prove my speedometer was defective when I was stopped for speeding, will the court dismiss the ticket?
No. The court might consider it a mitigating circumstance. If that’s your only defence you will be found guilty. For instance, assume you were issued a speeding ticket for traveling 130 on a 100km/h highway. If you produce the mechanic and his report proving to the court’s satisfaction that your speedometer was off by 10 km/h, you have just convicted yourself of speeding.

What's the bearing on my speeding ticket if the officer who observed the violation and the one who issued the ticket are different people? (i.e. one officer operating the RADAR radios to another officer down the road, who pulls you over.)
First, the clocking officer must be able to confirm that the car being pulled over was the car he clocked. This confirmation should be made to the officer that does the stop. The officer that stops you is responsible for identifying the driver to whom he issued the ticket. Both the officer that clocked the vehicle's speed and the officer that issued the ticket must be at your trial. This also applies to situations involving the use of airplanes to clock vehicle speeds.

Can I write the court and tell them why I'm not guilty?
You can, but there’s nothing to be gained. Many jurisdictions offer a First Attendance meeting where you can attempt to resolve your traffic ticket with a clerk whose main function is to avoid a trial. You may be offered a reduced charge or fine but by accepting this resolution you are still convicted of an offence which to which demerit points are accrued. Remember, no one can affect the demerit points associated with your charge. First Attendance meetings never result in the charge being withdrawn regardless of your explanation – it’s not within their power to do so.

What will happen if I just ignore the ticket?
A conviction will be registered in your absence. Besides the set fine, the court may assess court costs and demerit points will be accrued by the Ministry of Transportation. You won’t be able to renew your driver’s licence until all outstanding fines are paid. Sometimes there are extenuating circumstances. If you feel that’s the case, you have fifteen days to apply for a reopening by attending the court, swearing an affidavit and detailing the reason(s).

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